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For the Scottish communist activist, see Jack Leckie.During this early career he worked as a tape operator with artists such as John Lennon (John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band), George Harrison, (All Things Must Pass), Syd Barrett (Barrett) and moved up to the desk to be balance engineer for Pink Floyd (Meddle and Wish You Were Here). For a full list of albums and tracks produced, engineered and mixed by John Leckie, please see Albums produced by John Leckie Album productions in the 1980s included three albums with The Fall (The Wonderful and Frightening World Of..., This Nation's Saving Grace, and Bend Sinister), The album was voted the best record of all time on a music poll taken by BBC Radio 6 Music and features as Number 1 on the Observer Music Monthly’s June 2004 “100 Greatest British Albums”.

If this is what the House of Commons has ratified – almost unanimously – could all our feminist Christmases have come at once?Andrew Neil, an experienced reader of the Murdoch runes and one of his former editors at the As a naturalized American citizen, born in Melbourne, Mr Murdoch does not have a vote in the Scottish Referendum on 18 September.And yet – as he has made clear from a flurry of activity on his Twitter account – he could have a greater impact on the outcome of the historic election than almost any of those taking part.“London Times will shock Britain and more with reliable new poll on Scottish independence.appears on the brink of declaring its support for the Yes campaign, delivering a PR coup for Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond, with whom he has a close rapport.With Mr Murdoch tweeting furiously in favour of the man who once addressed him as “Sir Rupert”, there was an expectation in the Glasgow newsroom of Scotland’s biggest tabloid that the paper would declare for independence.

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