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She only dates married men and her reasons are as compelling as the web into which Manga is drawn.On the other side, Manga’s best friend, Leke (Epule Jeffrey) and his very-long-term girlfriend, Mbolle (Ruth Nkweti), battle the issue of Leke’s reluctance to solidify their commitment with a marriage proposal.Let me start with my true but bizarre affliction…I have a fruit allergy. Please click below to follow me on the social media of your choice!Although I have more than 35 years of marital experience, my husband and I (of nearly eight years) continue our journey. Its takes both individuals in the relationship to make that happen.

Read More There’s an age-old trick in the conversations of married couples dating back to the days of ancient hieroglyphics, probably. Read More When I was growing up, July 4th was my favorite holiday. My advice has long been to take official campus tours. Dating, engaged, live-in couples, and empty nesters benefit from counseling. We need skills and understanding from a relationship therapist.Anyone can improve their relationship if both are willing. And if for no other reason than the miracle I figured out how to add these buttons...I have no idea why we care about some things deeply, and other things we have no interest in at all. I’m super gung-ho about the eclipse, but hell, I get wildly pumped up for a full moon every month, and find a clear starry night to hold romance, mystery, and, possibly,… Get a feel for the school when students are on campus.

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