Who is tamra barney dating

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Simon and I are so proud of these amazing, smart, funny,beautiful & crazy kids.'Congrats Sidney - your smile lightens up the room and your future is so bright.'The reality star - who became a born-again Christian in the past couple of years - did suggest getting to this amicable moment was something of a penance to be offered up however, hashtagging it #gaveituptojesus.

The former couple, who share 18-year-old Sidney, Spencer, 16, and Sophia, 11, had a less-than amicable split up in 2011.'Clearly she hasn’t followed through with anything that would have made me go back to her house.

But Tamra Judge appears to be on much better terms with her ex-husband Simon Barney and estranged daughter Sidney.The Real Housewives Of Orange County star posted happy portraits of the clan reunited at the eldest daughter's high school graduation on Thursday.'So many things to be proud of this month,' she wrote.'Our family has come a long way and I couldn't be happier.Apparently rumors that Kelly has a secret boyfriend named Frank have been well-known through the OC, and several cast members heard them prior to filming, during, or after.“This is like not new news in Newport. “That’s why it’s so frustrating that she brought up all these rumors!Because we’ve heard allllll these things: her being arrested, the Frank, the running some girl off the road, beating up her neighbor…

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