Validating text box

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So open that web control project, and give it an appropriate name. For most inherited controls, I would also suggest removing the render control, but not for this one. It is an agreement that the class will implement at the very least all the methods and properties required by the interface.We are going to use it later to emulate some of the standard validator’s functions. In the case of the IValidator, the two properties are Is Valid (surprise, surprise) and Error Message.In the Key Press Event, you need to check whether the entered character is either a Letter or a Digit. Handled = false" Otherwise, don't allow the Key pressing by setting "e.Info Path s pattern-matching feature lets you validate or conditionally format special text formatting.Mr Excel is a registered trademark of Tickling Keys, Inc."Form overrides dispose to clean up the component list. Error Provider Friend With Events txt Email As System. Suspend Layout() ""Form overrides dispose to clean up the component list.

If you did that, the user could have moved the cursor to the beginning and pressed space. Make sure to check the entire field when you validate, even if you are using the If you don't want to allow any other characters entry except for the alphanumeric characters in a Text Box, then you can do this on the Key Press event of a Text Box. Key Char) If yes, then allow the Key pressing by setting " to validate the textbox without allowing spaces in windows form application using C#in my project .i can validate the text box ,without allowing spaces.... 1spaces are not allowed 2.after entering one or two characters textbox accept spaces...........event to check every time a key is pressed to be sure the information in the box is still valid.The dialog box on the right in Figure 8-4 shows a pattern for matching the five-letter Customer ID field.For more information about regular expressions, visit cpcon Regular Expressions Language .

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