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All actors that played Gargamel over the years have played another villainous character in the past: -Paul Winchell who voiced Gargamel in 1980s Smurfs Cartoon voiced fellow Hanna-Barbera Villain, Dick Dastardly.-Hank Azaria who portrayed Gargamel in the Live Action Smurfs Films voiced Carlos the Devious Chicken and his Assistant Phil in Hop (2011).The Smurfs team up with their human friends to rescue Smurfette, who has been abducted by Gargamel since she knows a secret spell that can turn the evil sorcerer's newest creation - creatures called the Naughties - into real Smurfs.

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Some of the Smurfs include Clumsy Smurf, Brainy Smurf, Hefty Smurf and Smurfette, who was created by Gargamel from a lump of clay, but redeemed by Papa Smurf and became part of the village.Soon enough Hefty, Brainy, and Clumsy help Smurfette escape and return to Smurf Village, where Papa Smurf punishes them for disobeying his orders and confines them to their houses while dismissing their claims of a lost village filled with Smurfs.Smurfette sneaks out into the night, however, with Brainy, Clumsy, and Hefty volunteer to come with her.Gargamel makes it his mission to capture the Smurfs, steal all of their essences, and become the most powerful wizard in the world.After Smurfette accidentally breaks an invention by Brainy, she sees a blue creature hidden by a leaf and follows it straight into the Forbidden Forest, believing the creature to be a Smurf.

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