Rainie yang and show luo dating

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dramas were in luck this weekend when two heavyweights in the industry reunited even for a brief evening out.Actor-singer Show Luo and actress-singer Rainie Yang, long time friends and drama costars, were in attendance at the Beijing Music Radio China Top Awards and happily hung out. Both have expressed certainty that the TW idol drama days are behind them but appreciate how that helped bolster their careers and recognition in Asia to help them parlay natural talent to even greater acclaim.However, eagle-eyed netizens spotted the photo and suspected if the duo is dating.

According to reports, Rainie and Ronghao got to know each other in 2007, as Ronghao composed a song for her back then.After announcing her breakup with boyfriend of six years, Avis Chan (陳偉成), earlier last month, Chrissie’s now vacant love life has become a topic of interest for the Hong Kong paparazzi.Currently busy on a promotion tour with Stephen Chow (周星馳) for his new film, Journey to the West , Chrissie insists that her career is currently her top priority.An eye-witness said that Rainie was constantly looking around the surrounding, as she was afraid of being recognised.After they finished purchasing the item, they held hands again to shop for clothes.

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