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"She just had a look of horror on her face," Memet continued."Because she had that reaction and I wasn't expecting it, I turned bright red, sweat starts pouring down my face, and that's hard to recover from when that's your first impression."Memet assumed his age would be a deal breaker, but his date didn't flee. Once they got into bed and got down to business, however, Memet reached the finish line a bit too quickly."Luckily, I have the ability, still, at my 30-year-old age to go multiple times," he said.Raven had the first date and they took a helicopter ride and played darts in a local Finnish pub. At dinner she confessed that during her previous 10-year relationship she'd never said 'I love you' to her boyfriend.The mild mannered boutique owner was hoping Nick could give her the big 'O' she's been missing all these years.'You have to really trust someone to go there and I think I could go there with Nick. She then tearfully professed that Nick made her feel like she'd 'never felt before'.'I do love you,' she announced.READ MORE: Male Ego Versus Female Orgasm: What Men Are Really Thinking When You Come Women, as 'dating experts' know full well, neither desire sex nor have the means to pay for dates.In fact, reading between the lines of Dawson's theory, it sounds like dating consists exclusively of men opening their wallets and hurling dollar bills at flapping wait staff until the woman is so impressed she tears all her clothes off and insists on contributing her fair share in kind.

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He did the exact same thing with the girl he met up with last week.He takes it further, though, so you married couples get to join in as well.Nick Viall was left speechless during a fantasy suite date with one of his final three ladies on Monday's episode of The Bachelor."I think what happened the second time was even more traumatic for me."Condoms have caused Memet some struggles in the past.While he was able to get off on the first go-around with this girl, the second time was a different story.

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